Sales Representative

We are hunting for a brave and bold Sales Representative. We require this individual to be very organized and comfortable communicating in an effective and efficient manner.

All applicants should ensure the following applies:

1) Accustomed to cold calls to corporate level clients, head offices, and companies in the U.S.

2) Must be willing to meet in person to potential major clients to pitch our concepts effectively.

3) Must have computer experience and is eager to learn new custom made software suited specifically for this position.

4) Will work at home with a computer (PC) for all sales calls. Organization is essential on a record basis per call and keeping track/creating all documents for your reference on future sales calls (provided cutomized software will make this efficient).

5) Preferably some knowledge of graphic design, illustration and computer imagery. This will enable easier communication for new concepts and services that we provide.

6) A sense of humour is a definite plus.

7) Must have a resume, cover letter, and a few references.

8) Must reside in Toronto or surrounding area.

Further details will be available upon request. For a faster response time, please include your resume and cover letter in your email. Let us know YOUR areas of expertise in sales.

Please address the cover letter to Terry Kalinich

The above position is at this point a part-time contract structure. You will be paid an hourly rate (rate amount depending on experience) PLUS a commission. We reward hard working individuals; you will earn a higher commission by an increased amount of sales per week. It may translate to a full time position. We will hire the most versatile, and talented individual as possible. Apply now if you are one of the "Elite".

Are you up for the challenge? APPLY now!