Graphic Design & Illustration

We have merged these two art mediums together to ensure the overall advanced experience level of those who apply. We currently have enough on-call Graphic Designers to accomplish all our upcoming projects in that specific category. Please only apply if you have more than just Graphic Design experience. If you have specialized in a specific area (i.e.: architecture/drafting, cartoon imagery) then we want to hear from you, AS WELL as having the general Graphic Design experience.

You should have most of the following:

1) Located in the Toronto area.

2) Solid drawing experience (Life drawing a definite plus) and have the ability to re-create and trace fine line original imagery on to glass using a thick marker (traditional assignments).

3) Must have computer graphics experience with Photoshop, or other popular graphics software (Quark, Illustrator...). Fractal Design Painter experience a plus.

4) Must be able to work alone mostly or with assistance during on-site projects (all supplies are covered for traditional painting projects). For any computer graphics assignment, you MUST have a computer (Mac or PC) that has significant horsepower to work with Full page Newspaper ads @ 300 DPI or more. We recommend nothing slower than a P-900 w/512MB of RAM. Mac processor speed may be less due to its more proficient use of memory & software management.

5) A thorough paint mixing knowledge to accurately re-create similar colours from a small scale model sheet or image reference. (this is not referring to computer software paint mixing, but traditional paint mixing).

6) A genuine interest in creating outstanding artwork. A sense of humour is a definite plus.

7) Must have a resume, portfolio and be willing to do a small test.

Further details will be available upon request. For a faster response time, please include your resume and cover letter in your email. Let us know YOUR areas of expertise in the world of design. We create new and intuitive imagery for our clients, so show us your specialized talents!

All applicants should have a portfolio ready for review if you are asked to attend an interview.

Please address the cover letter to Terry Kalinich

The above position is at this point a part-time contract structure. It may translate to a full time position. We will hire the most versatile, and talented individuals as possible. Apply if you are one of the "above average" artists.

Are you up for the challenge? APPLY now!