Graphic/Web Design

Need a cool logo that will put a smile to your face for your business? What about a business card that really wows your potential clients? Have you ever wondered where to get those vibrant, multi-coloured attractive advertisements made? Your search has ended, for all of these questions and more are answered with our professional talent.

Here is a list of different project categories under graphic design we can successfully complete for you. If there is anything not on our list, then please ask because chances are, we can do it for you!

  • Full colour single or double sided business cards
  • Full colour flyers, broachers, advertisements, posters, stickers or oversized cards
  • Strong contrast fax ads for optimum clarity during fax retreval
  • Custom button and image creation to suit your specific website style
  • Animated GIF or JPG banner creation that will attract sales for your website
  • Aquatic Underbelly Grafton NWE Card Kalinich Productions TDMJ.JPG (85112 bytes) Flyer Poetry Book Cover

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us. Please be sure to read our payment policies before embarking on any project with Kalinich Productions.

    Tina (Girl) Character is a copyright of Kalinich Productions 2002

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