Concept And Design

We provide a FULL range of top-quality intuitive ideas that will fullfil all your requirements. We cover Backgrounds and layouts to characters and props. We can prepare any design in simple view angles which is ideal for reference and computer modelling. If you are in search for a way to introduce soloutions to your clients, then you have found the right studio to best initiate your concepts to your clients! The following are some methods inwhich you can accomplish just that. They are as follows:

  • Storyboards, layout concepts or character designing, character pose/model sheets
  • Rough object sketching, human and animal anatomical drawings
  • Marker rendering and computer digital painting over pencil/pen drawings
  • Conceptual logo creation to completed print-ready logo design
  • 3D computer modelled object creation, both character and "inanimate" objects
  • Short animated rotaion and simplified layout illustrating object functionality in 3D (AVI, Quicktime, or VHS format)
  • Gluegun mothership Baby Cheetah Teacher Tina in armour 3D motorcycle Tina in uniform Tiger Alien space staion concept for Praetorian) Alien space staion detail layer Reachtruck scene Reachtrusk rotation GMC Sierra PT Cruiser Neon Tbird Tbird

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us. Please be sure to read our payment policies before embarking on any project with Kalinich Productions.

    Baby Cheetah and both girl Characters are a copyright of Kalinich Productions 2002

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