Animation - Traditional/3D

We provide professional quality imagery at an affordable cost to you. Are services cover small projects or scenes from rough drawings to clean finished work. We can provide storyboarding to completed cleaned-up frames. Our focus at this point is storyboarding, rough keys, inbetweening, and effects (shadow and hilight) levels.

Drunk Computer Cheetah walk Tina walk 3D House Bad Shot Fire Dragon Monkey Yawn Monkey Can Monkey Obsticle 1 of 3 Monkey Obsticle 2 of 3 Monkey Obsticle 3 of 3 Monkey Walk Monkey Box Evil Character skid Scene 1 skid Scene 2 skid Scene 3 skid Scene 4

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us. Please be sure to read our payment policies before embarking on any project with Kalinich Productions.

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